Message  & Invitation Card For Griha Pravesh

What To Say In A Housewarming Invitation?

Griha Pravesh Puja or housewarming celebration takes a lot of planning and effort to organize. Inviting friends, family, and closed ones to the event is among the key jobs.

The invite text must include all pertinent information on the housewarming event, including the residence’s location, date, and time.

Griha Pravesh Invitation Message In English

"We wish to celebrate this joyous event with everybody as we move into our new residence. Please accept this offer to join us for our Griha Pravesh celebration on October 10, 2022, at Noon."  Venue- XYZ

Invitation Quotes For Griha Pravesh

1. We invite you to the spectacular ceremony as we move to our new house.

2. We would be delighted to celebrate this occasion with everybody as we enter our new home.

Griha Pravesh Invitation Card/Message for Whatsapp 2022-2023

1. We are pleased to invite you to our Griha Pravesh Party.

2. We kindly seek your presence at our home’s welcome celebration.

Booking Process of Griha Pravesh Puja

In order to book the Puja, we’ll need the below details –

Full Name -  Mobile Number -  E-Mail Address -  Puja Variant & Date of Puja - Location Address - 

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