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How It Works –

Book a Pandit : SmartPuja is an online digital platform providing Sacred, Hassle-free Puja Services. Our one stop solution encompasses every aspect of Hindu religious ceremonies.  We provide the best Puja experience with Verified, Experienced Pandits and Purohits. Be it for your Home or Office, you can now book the best Pandits and Purohits at the click of a button!

Book only Verified and Experienced Pandits / Purohits for Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Odia, Bihari, Marathi, Marwadi, Malayalam, Konkani, Tulu, Maithili, Kumaoni, Gujarati and English languages.

Here’s how it works. Book a Pandit on by entering your details with Puja name and language selection. Now you’re all set! From here on SmartPuja team makes all the required arrangements. Right from assigning the right Pandit Ji, to sharing the auspicious muhurats, to sending all required Puja items and materials including Flowers, Leaves and other items; we take care of it all. So it’s your time to sit back and relax wherein you and your family experience the wonders of this unique service and blessings of the Lord. You can also book this service over phone at 080-61160400 or WhatsApp @ 9036050108 or email us at

From the booking till the completion of the Puja, SmartPuja ensures a Hassle – Free ceremony. All this without burning a hole in your pocket or having you run pillar to post to accomplish your needs! And in case of an unlisted Puja, just call us up and we make it happen. Just for you!  So what are you waiting for? Book now, Stay Blessed!



Pandit in Bangalore

SmartPuja Advantage – 

Knowledge & Experience

We’ve tied up with well qualified, knowledgeable, passionate and experienced Pandits who perform Pujas keeping in mind the purpose and significance ensuring that you get a satisfying and divine Puja experience.

Language, Customs & Rituals

Our Pandits perform Puja after consulting with you and as per your community, language and region specifications. We ensure that you receive the best Puja experience performed with relevant customs & rituals.

Hassle Free & Satisfying

We take care of the entire process , right from booking and assigning the right Pandit, with best Muhurat and Puja Samagri. Now all you need to do it to sit back and relax while we work and ensure that your Puja experience is Hassle-Free and performed to your satisfaction.


SmartPuja Services available in below Tier 1 Cities :

Bangalore –

Kannada Purohit in Bangalore | Hindi Pandits in Bangalore |North Indian Pandits in Bangalore | Bihari Pandits in Bangalore | Telugu Purohits in Bangalore | Tamil Vadhyars in Bangalore | Malayalam Purohits in Bangalore | Maithili Pandits in Bangalore | Marwadi Pandits in Bangalore | Kumaoni Pandits in Bangalore | Gujarati Pandits in Bangalore | Marathi Guruji in Bangalore
Odia Pandits in Bangalore |  Bengali Pandits in Bangalore | Udapi Purohits in Bangalore

Mumbai –

Marathi Guruji in Mumbai | Hindi Pandits in Mumbai |North Indian Pandits in Mumbai | Bihari Pandits in Mumbai | Telugu Purohits in Mumbai | Tamil Vadhyars in Mumbai | Maithili Pandits in Mumbai | Marwadi Pandits in Mumbai | Gujarati Pandits in Mumbai

Hyderabad –

Telugu Purohits in Hyderabad | Kannada Purohits in Hyderabad | Hindi Pandits in Hyderabad |North Indian Pandits in Hyderabad | Bihari Pandits in Hyderabad| Tamil Vadhyars in Hyderabad |Marwadi Pandits in Hyderabad

Chennai –

Tamil Iyer in Chennai | Tamil Vadhyars in Chennai | Hindi Pandits in Chennai |North Indian Pandits in Chennai | Bihari Pandits in Chennai | Telugu Purohits in Chennai | Marwadi Pandits in Chennai | Kannada Purohits in Chennai

Delhi – NCR –

Hindi Pandits in Delhi |North Indian Pandits in Delhi | Bihari Pandits in Delhi | Kumaoni Pandits in Delhi | Tamil Vadhyars in Delhi | Telugu Pujaris in Delhi | Kannada Pandits in Delhi

Pune –

Marathi Guruji in Pune | Hindi Pandits in Pune |North Indian Pandits in Pune | Bihari Pandits in Pune | Marwadi Pandits in Pune

Kolkata –

Bengali Purohits in Kolkata | Hindi Pandits in Kolkata | North Indian Pandits in Kolkata | Bihari Pandits in Kolkata


SmartPuja has a team of Qualified, Knowledgeable and Experienced Pandits who perform Pujas as per your community, language and region specifications. We take care of the entire process, right from booking and assigning the right Pandit Ji, with best Muhurat, Puja Items, Puja Samagri, Flowers etc. All you need to do is to book the service, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you get a satisfying and divine Puja experience.

SmartPuja Desk

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