Delicious Food Menu Griha Pravesh In 2023

Throughout the nation, there is a saying that food is an integral part of every Griha Pravesh Puja, ceremony, or celebration, regardless of the culture or religion a person may be a part of.

Which Food Is Essentially Prepared in Veg Menu For Housewarming?

As per the Hindu rituals, Kheer, made from rice and milk (using the new utensil), is the essential food prepared during the Griha Pravesh Puja.

North Indian Food Options for Griha Pravesh Menu

- Chole Bhatoore - Daal Baati Churma - Malai Kheer - Dahi Bhalla - Bread (Tandoori Naan, Tawa Roti) - Dal Makhani/Dal Tadka - Kadhi - Paneer Korma - Shahi Paneer - Maithi Matar - Moong Dal Halwa - Gulab Jamun - Dal Bukhara - Kadhi Kachori - Maithi Malai - Aloo Kulcha - Hara Bhara Kebab - Karela Recipe

Sweets for Griha Pravesh



Shahi Tukra

Malpua Rabadi


Carrot Kheer

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South Indian Food Options for Griha Pravesh

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