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Marriage Puja

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Looking for a Pandit Ji for your Wedding? Book the Best Pandits online...

Looking for a Pandit Ji for your Wedding? Book the Best Pandits online @ SmartPuja and we make all the arrangements. Book from Experienced, Knowledgeable Pandits and Purohits for multiple Languages.

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Hindu scriptures considers marriage as a sacrament with strong moral and ethical values. Marriage ceremonies vary in its rituals for different communities across our country however the purpose is the same. It is meant to unite the bride and the groom firmly so that they essentially become one in soul and spirit for many generations. With the holy fire or Agni as the witness, the couple circle around it, promising to support each other,share worldly possessions,raise strong and virtuous children and always remain friends and cherish each other. The Groom adorns the Bride’s neck with the Mangalsutra, a necklace symbolizing good luck, love and friendship.The ceremony integrates the lives of the marrying couple across the two families and reinforces the commitment of the Bride and Groom. provides end to end Hassle-Free Puja ceremonies. Based on your language preference, we’ll assign an experienced Pandit Ji / Purohit from our team who will perform the Puja as per proper Vedic rituals. We’ll also send the required Puja items and Puja materials with basic quantity of Flowers, Leaves, Homa Samagri etc. for the auspicious Puja. We offer multiple variants of this Puja ceremony and it can be further customized based on your requirements. 

From your side, you’ll need to arrange the Prasad items like Sweets, Fruits and Panchamrit along with some household items, utensils, Garlands, Sindoor box, Gathjoda, Chunri for Bride etc. A checklist will be shared for your reference.


Nitesh Vijayvargiya

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Reviewed on 22 Apr 2024 04:42 AM

SmartPuja is a great platform to find the right PanditJi for your requirements. They assign PanditJi to conduct all kinds of Puja. The process is really smooth. I have used their services multiple times and not once have they been late. They are always on time. The PanditJi they send are extremely professional and knowledgeable.

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