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Last Rites / Antim Sanskar

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Book a Pandit for Last Rites or Antim Sanskar. Puja rites are performe...

Book a Pandit for Last Rites or Antim Sanskar. Puja rites are performed as per proper Vedic rituals. With all Puja materials sent along with Pandit Ji / Purohit.

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Last Rites or Antyeshti (Hindu funeral rites) are performed according to the caste and sect of the deceased involving cremation followed by disposal of the ashes in a sacred river. Antyeshti rites are the final sacraments (samskaras) in a series that ideally begins at the moment of conception and is performed at each important stage of life.

At the approach of death, relatives and Pandit are summoned, mantras and sacred texts are recited, and ceremonial gifts are prepared. After death the body is moved as soon as possible to the cremation grounds. The eldest son of the deceased and the officiating priest perform the final cremation rites. For 10 days thereafter, the mourners—the immediate family members—are considered impure and they practice particular rituals. During this period they perform rites intended to provide the soul of the deceased with a new spiritual body with which it may pass on to the next life. Ceremonies include the setting out of milk and water and the offering of rice balls. At a prescribed date, the ashes are collected and disposed of by burial or by immersion in a river. Rites honouring the dead, called shraddha, continue to be performed by the survivors at specified times.


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