Rakshabandhan – Some Legends and History

Rakshabandhan is a celebration of most pure and loving relationship of brothers and sisters. The term Rakshabandhan means ‘knot of protection’ in Sanskrit and the festival is also called Rakhi Purnima or simply Rakhi. The festival is observed throughout India irrespective of caste and creed, On this day sister ties a thread around her brother’s

When Lord Hanuman saved Shani

Shani Dev or Saturn is one of the Navagraha (Nine Planets). Shani is considered to be the strongest malefic and a stern teacher who represents patience, effort, endeavour, and endurance; and who brings restrictions and misfortunes. He also is the greatest purifier who cleanses one’s soul of bad karma. It’s believed that no one can

Book a Pandit, Purohit online – How It Works

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Why do we say Namaste?

Indians greet each other with Namaste. The two palms are placed together in front of the chest and the head bows whilst saying the word Namaste. This greeting is for all – people younger than us, of our own age, those older than friends, even strangers and us. There are five forms of formal traditional