Bhoomi Puja

Bhoomi Puja is performed before constructing on a Piece of Land or tilling the land.

Bhoomi or Earth is considered as the Mother of all that exists.

By doing this puja we are seeking permission for our actions and forgiveness for disturbing the balance and equilibrium of Mother Earth.

Bhoomi Puja is performed to bring good luck and fortune to the building.

Bhoomi Puja

- Identification of the Bhumi Pujan/Navdhanya spot

- Bhumi Puja must be performed by a qualified priest-

Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi

Each region has a different Bhumi Pujan Vidhi. These are the Steps of the Bhumi Pujan Vidhi:

After taking a bath, the spot must be cleaned. Gangajal can be used to cleanse and purify the spot.

In order to banish Vastu dosha or other evil spirits. The east direction is best for performing the Bhumi Pujan. The priest faces the north, while the organizer of the puja faces the east.

- Bhumi Pujan/Navdhanya

- The idol of the snake and other deities

Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi

Worship of Lord Ganesha begins with prayers to Lord Ganesha for the removal of all obstacles that may hinder the progress of the project

The idols of the snake god and Kalash are worshiped.

- Kalasha Puja

The “kalash” is filled with water. Mango or betel leaves are added to the top. An inverted coconut is placed on top. A coin and betel nuts are kept in the kalash to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi.

Bhoomi Pujan/Navdhanya Benefits

– This ritualistic pooja will ensure that all evils are removed from the land and all adverse effects are reduced.

– The Bhoomi Pooja also assists in the seamless completion of work without any obstacles.

– It ensures everyone who resides on the property will be happy and healthy.

Here are some benefits to doing Bhoomi Pooja:

– Invoking Vaastu Purusha, the worshiper receives his blessings through Bhoomi Pooja.

The Significance of Bhoomi Puja And Havan

Bhoomi Pujan is the practice of praying to Mother Earth, or Bhumi, before beginning construction.

The plea is made in case anyone may accidentally cause harm to them while working on the construction. All five elements—Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Sky—are honored in this ritual.

Bhoomi Pujan basically asks for the permission of God to drill, dig, and till the land.

When Should One Perform  Bhoomi Pooja?

In Hindu culture, when a person begins construction or land tilling for agricultural activities, the ritual of Bhoomi Pujan is performed.

How Do Lunar Constellations Impact Bhoomi Pooja?

– One must determine the number of moon constellations on the first day of construction with the help of a qualified priest.

– But, if the result is between 8 and 18 then this particular day is very lucky.

– A number between 1 and 7, or 19 to 28, indicates that the day is auspicious for performing the bhoomi pooja.

What Are The Requirements For Bhoomi Pooja?

The following items are necessary for Bhoomi Pooja/Navdhanya –

Kumkum (Red Sindoor) - 100 grams Turmeric Powder - 100 grams Camphor/Karpuram - 1 packet Sandalwood Powder - 1 box Incense (Agarbatti) Sticks - 1 packet Fruits 5 Types 2 Each Beetle Nuts - 100 grams and More.

Bhoomi Pooja Mantras

“Om Vasundharaya Vimahe Bhutadhatraya Tanno Bhumih Prachodayat"

Bhumi pujas should include the most important mantra,

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Do’s And Don’ts of Bhoomi Pooja As Per Vastu Shastra

– It is crucial to construct the compound wall prior to constructing the house.

– It is recommended that the south and west walls are 21 inches shorter than the east and north walls.

– The southwest wall should be taller than the rest of the walls in the house.

– After selecting the site for construction, it is necessary to plant plants.

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Bhumi Pujan/Navdhanya Muhurat 2022-2023

The best months to lay foundations are May, Margshirsh (December), January, and March (Baishakh), Shravan, and are all permissible.

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