Marriage Obstacles

  • Fretting over your son’s marriage? Multiple broken engagements upsetting you? Worried that your daughter is a manglik? The path to the perfect marriage is scattered with unforeseen troubles and this often is the cause of anxieties for you and a reason of low self esteem and unhappiness for your children.

    While the marriage itself is preordained, the obstacle in its path is often foul play by the planets. A wrong planet crossing over to a wrong house can stall all progressive steps taken in the direction to get settled. Its effects are so damaging that it can last a lifetime if not attended to and may prohibit one from enjoying marital bliss.

    Come to our trained professionals at SMARTPUJA and have all the negative energies acting as roadblock removed. That too, without the hassle of being physically present to discuss the issues! Call in and be guided on how best to restore the normal balance of life and success. 

    Our Astrologers can help suggest ways to remove the doshas acting as hindrances and prescribe remedial rituals and a correct analysis of every kind of problems related to marriages. 


    Find happiness and fulfilment in your conjugal lives. 

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