• Sanjeev and his family were thrilled with his scholarship to the foreign university. He would emerge with a master’s degree from a reputed college and no doubt have a flourishing career ahead. Plans were made, preparations done. Sanjeev was all set go. All except for an inexplicable error that cost him his degree. What the family could not imagine, however, was an unforeseen trouble in the form of a snag in the VISA processing procedure. The hours in the queue, all the paperwork, document submission and the whole ordeal of follow up-s yielded no result ultimately. The system was slack and the foreign authorities unwilling to be patient. Sanjeev’s world came crashing down!

    Treaded similar troubled waters? Wasted hours over futile efforts to accomplish the task of getting a VISA on time? And has each failed opportunity provided with no suitable explanation of why it turned out to be failure? Chances are it is not a procrastinating employee managing your file after all! Often it is the badly placed planets in your charts that paly havoc with your opportunities.

    We at SMARTPUJA undertake to remove the unprecedented hurdles that may crop out of nowhere stalling your travel plans, career and business opportunities. Our reputed astrologers work out solutions to fighting the roadblocks regarding acquiring the VISA, the series of formalities and facing the interviews. The experts may also help calculate the correct time while applying for the VISA so as not to be affected by the negative vibes from the flight of the planets.

    Our experts are here to help you.  So, forget about being in a fix with the cosmic turns that threaten your sanity and come sort your life out with our help

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